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Control Panel

Instrument Control Panel :

Instrument Control Panel for control of high and low level pressure monitoring in generator, high and low pressure cut off in the compressure for high safety due to accuracy of pressure transmitters as specified by CE manual.

acetylene control panel Side View acetylene control panel Fron View acetylene control panel Inner View

Flame Proof Level Controller :

Strict usage of accurate and reliable infrared level controller senses high level and low level in accuracy of millimeters and designed for hazardous atmosphheres and has very long life. it meets the criterion of CE standards directive .

Digital Control System

The control system is an optional feature that can be installed away from the Main plant inside an air-conditioned room to operate and control different plant parameters. The control panel has been designed with a number of new and latest features such as digital display of parameters, indicator lamps &alarm buzzers. The instrumentation used is flame-proof in the equipment and the panels are made for indicating pressures and temperatures of all stages of generator and acetylene compressors. Theon-line digital electronic analyzer installed in the system assists to display and monitor purity of acetylene and waste acetylene. In addition, the analyzer also acts to indicate ampere ratings of all motors employed in the machines. The control panel automation services are executed as per clients specifications and within the committed time frame.

Control Panel Specifications

  • Automatic shut down and restart of plant equipment including the Agitator, screw feed system and acetylene compressor.
  • Emergency shutdown Integrated with Sound Alarms and buzzers.
  • Wall mounted, self-standing or standalone.
  • High strength to weight ratio.
  • Impact resistant,Dust and Water Proof.
  • 24 Hours online.
  • Corrosion and rust resistant.
  • Easy to operate.

The cost-efficient, durable and customized automation control panels is accepted by clients all over the world. Since the machine eases the monitoring work, it is used to monitor and facilitate the functioning of acetylene plants.

Weighing scale

Weighing scales also known as "weighing machine" is a measuring instrument for determining the weight or mass of a cylinder. Weighing scales are employed to determine the weight of a cylinder. The capacity of our weighing scale ranges from 0-200 Kgs.

Automatic hoist Forcarbide container

The client has an option of using an automatic hoist system forlifting the carbide container after filling it with carbide and then mounting it on the Carbide hopper.

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