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We design and develop technologically very advanced acetylene generators, which find application in welding works, repair and/or construction shops. The acetylene generators offer a high safety standard and are easy and convenient to use. The machine functions by allowing two components - calcium carbide and water - to react and hence produce highly pure acetylene gas. The outputs of the generator are useful for a number of businesses and corporate houses on a daily basis. Since the acetylene is an extremely dangerous gas which readily explodes at a wide range of gas to air concentrations, it should be stored carefully.

Acetylene Generator

Acetylene is a highly flammable and colorless gas, but commercial grade acetylene has a slight garlic odor, which is used extensively in combination with oxygen for welding, brazing, and cutting of steel. It is also employed to harden steel parts and radiocarbon dating. Almost 20% production is consumed for oxy-acetylene welding and cutting. There are a number of other applications where the gas play vital role to run. Being technologically very advanced, it is a fully automatic device.


The Acetylene gas leaves the generator hot and carries along with it some water vapour and other impurities. The condenser acts by cooling and purifying the gas and thus condensing the excessive moisture. Cooled water is circulated on the shell side from bottom to top. Condenser is designed and developed to suit all local conditions if sufficient water flow is maintained.

Acetylene Condenser

LP Drier

Low pressure drier is charged with Calcium Carbide in order to absorb the moisture in the generated gas. In a situation where a certain amount of moisture is necessary to let the chemical purifier function effectively, a by-pass is provided to permit a part or whole of the gas to be directly admitted into the chemical purifier.

LP Drier

Ammonia Scrubber

The ammonia scrubber alleviates 99% of the ammonia developed during the process of acetylene generation. Alleviating the ammonia prevents amines from forming and clogging flame arrestors and cylinders.

Ammonia Scrubber


The acetylene gas has to travel through a purifier in order to fish out impurities. If the impurities are not fished out, they would be collected in cylinders. The purifier and scrubber also helps in averting impurities that build up in the flame arrestors, resulting in blockings and check valve malfunctions.

Acetylene Plant Purifier

Acetylene Compressor

The generator employs reciprocating, oil lubricated, multi-stage, water submerged with intercoolers and an I.R. made compressor for filling in the cylinders. The compressor also comprises of safety relief valve for each stage and is driven by a 15 H.P flame proof motor which conforms to IS: 2148-68 (Gr.II-B).

Acetylene Compressor

HP Drier

The HP drier removes oil picked up during compression. After removing the oil, the gas passes through a special filter, flame arrestor and a back pressure valve. Thereafter, it reaches to the manifold where every station valve is protected with a flame arrestor each side. In fact, the high pressure drier works on a battery of three high-pressure vessels.

HP Drier

Filling Manifold

This comprises of a battery of filling connections, which is employed to connect to the gas cylinders. Also, non-return valves are employed to adjoin various sections of the pipeline to the filling manifold.

Acetylene Filling Manifold

To make sure optimum safe operation of the plant, these non-return valves should be verified from time to time. Also, the manifold should be periodically checked and cleaned to remove rust and scales which can establish to be a serious security hazard. The flexible hose pipes of the cylinders should also be regularly checked and cleaned to prevent them from bursting during the filling operation due to sudden discharge of Acetylene.

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