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Acetylene Cylinders

Since the acetylene gas burns with oxygen to generate an intense flame with a temperature of up to 6300 degrees Fahrenheit during most Oxy-fuel welding and cutting processes, it must be stored and transported in specially designed and manufactured cylinders. The acetylene cylinders, which are loaded with porous materials and filled up to 50% of their capacity with acetone, are meant to keep acetylene in a dissolved state during shipping. They are designed and developed keeping in mind requirement of users.

Different Types of Acetylene Cylinders Acetylene Cylinders
Acetylene cylinders can explode if heated

Decomposition of the acetylene is prompted by heat, for instance when it is :

  • Griped in a fire
  • Scorched by flames from a blowtorch
  • Griped in a flashback

Though acetylene-fueled welding equipment for instance cylinders and tanks should always be handled with intense caution and professionalism, our company feel prides for being able to supply our clients with safe, U.S.D.O.T. and T.C. approved tanks and cylinders that fulfill the highest design and manufacturing standards.

Cylinders Specification:

Water Capacity40 L
Outside Diameter250 mm
Wall Thickness4.0 mm
Nominal Length1050 mm
Leakage Test Pressure30 Bar
Hydraulic Testing Pressure50 Bar
Filling Pressure for Acetylene GasQF -15A (standard)
Valve30 Bar

Standard: GB11638/GB5099/ISO9809


Acetylene Cylinder drawing

Valve Details

Acetylene Valve Details

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